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Sparkly and Detailed

11 Jan

Yesterday’s purple-ish, sparkle-y necklace with some interesting little details on each bead. I wore it with a pink top and grey skirt – a pretty color scheme I like.

Wearing a necklace every day may be the first New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever kept this long : )

Hope you enjoy your day! Can you believe it’s only Wednesday? I cannot.

Blue and Purple Color Combo

9 Aug

Lately I’ve loved pairing navy blue with purple. I think it’s a visually interesting color combination and it’s felt more fresh than pairing purple with black.

This long necklace is basically lots of dangly things in various shades of purple. Really technical there, right? I should probably figure out a better vocabulary for jewelry and such.

I paired a turquoise top with a navy skirt, since they were all in the blue family and then choose this purple necklace as my pop of color. It was a little chilly this morning, so I opted for my light brown jacket to bring a little bit of structure to the outfit.

What color combinations are you enjoying lately?

First Date White Skirt

14 Jul

My favorite piece today  – my white skirt – is very meaningful to me. This skirt is part of the outfit that landed me the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.

Of course, it was more than my outfit that sparked our chemistry. But let’s be honest: first date outfits need to impress and strike a delicate balance of dressed-up and casual. It can be a lot of pressure for a girl!

Our first date was four years ago today, and I still remember the frantic shopping trip I made to Banana Republic to find an outfit fabulous enough for my exciting date that night. I think I already knew I was a little bit smitten ;)

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It’s Easy Being Green

12 Jul

After the Monday Morning Washout I was determined not to let Tuesday get me down. I chose a ruffly top to pair with a basic black skirt for an easy, polished and feminine look. I like that for such a bright color, this blouse takes another, complementary color really well. I paired the look with a pair of purple wedges that are as comfortable as they are cute.

What are some color combinations that you enjoy wearing?

Purple with Bow on Top

6 Jul

You might be seeing a lot of purple around these parts, just because it’s my favorite color. But as I took a broader look at my overall collection of clothes, I don’t think I have that much in that color. It will be interesting for me to see how I incorporate my favorite color over time.

For a girl as into categorization as I am, this shirt was usually reserved for my “going out” category. But I decided to break my silly rule and bring out this top for work. I love that it’s purple, has a ruffle and bow on the collar and fits comfortably while still looking nice. I’m paying much more attention to shape and fit lately which I hope is helping me look more pulled together overall.



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