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5 Jan

Sometimes, at the end of a particularly difficult day, you just have to take stock in the fact you wore a sparkly necklace.

Summer Skirt Into Fall

5 Oct

I love a good rain storm.

It’s been very nice in SF, so I can’t complain. But I was still excited when some rain showers rolled through. There’s something about variety in weather and knowing when you’re in an office all day, you’re not missing a day filled with sunshine. And it’s just nice to snuggle up inside and listen to rain fall against the window pane.

In preparation for rain and dampness, I had my riding boots spruced up by a local cobbler my boss recommended. With new soles and a fresh polish to keep my boots holding up and looking pretty, I’m ready to strut around town in my new, comfy practical shoes. And being all happy with my new boots inspired me to bring a favorite summer skirt into the fall.

Apologies for the darkness in the pics. In between getting home later and the earlier sunsets, I'm still getting into the grove of photographing my outfits.

I thought the combo of riding boots (for me at least, what says fall more than bringing out a favorite pair of boots?) and a twirly, girly skirt could go together pretty well. I chose a regular t-shirt on top, but tried to keep the look more “cooler temps are coming” by including a thicker jacket.

I wore the scarf intermittently throughout the day. I’ve found scarves are incredibly handy for the changing temps in the city. Plus, I think the rich purple color fit into the color palette well too. I was happy to see it all come together in a new combination, especially since now I have some ideas for how to keep wearing one of my favorite pieces.

Have you transitioned anything in your wardrobe across seasons? How did you find new ways to make it work?

Last Day as a Brown Line Girl Outfit

15 Sep

I’m writing this post over two weeks since I wore this outfit. But it was a pretty important day to me so I’ve deemed it still relevant, even if it’s more from a personal perspective.

You see, this was the outfit I wore on my last day heading downtown to my office in Chicago. It’s nothing totally remarkable, but I do like the simple feminine cut, ruffle detail and airy chiffon of this particular pale pink dress. To make it more polished for work, I added the jacket from an old suit and rolled up the sleeves. I purchased the dress online and it didn’t fit perfectly, so the belt gave it a better sense of shape and structure.

The brick street column sign? A love letter (picture?) to my street, Rockwell.

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Influence Dress

3 Aug

Named Influence Dress because it’s one of the items I was looking at when I decided to name my blog. It turns out, I have any number of things that are pink with a ruffle. Not that anyone would know, because I haven’t been wearing them until recently.

It’s been a busy week and I got home late on Tuesday. But this dress felt essential for me to document. I lazily took a photo in my full length mirror. I felt tired and it looked like it was going to pour buckets of rain from the sky. After my morning washout a few weeks back, it just didn’t seem worth the risk.

Plus, I had a new recipe and fancy new ingredient I wanted to try out. Stormy weeknights are perfect for baking…unless the power goes out, which actually crossed my mind (Backup Plan: Wine). But since I was fortunate to have power I worked quickly to whip up a sweet treat AND had a glass of wine. Stay tuned….

Also of note – one of my Facebook friends linked to this blog post about picking your battles yesterday morning and I cannot. stop. laughing. Maybe it’s just a weird sense of humor, but it’s rare that anything written makes me literally laugh out loud.

Playing it Cool with Colors

20 Jul

It has been very hot and humid in Chicago – the last day or so will have morning temps in the 90 degree range and with crazy high humidity, let’s just say it’s not super comfy out there.

Sartorially, this has meant finding a way to stay melt-free outside while accounting for freezing cold AC at the office. Enter a strapless dress.

I previously would have reserved this dress for special occasions, but with my new open-minded approach to dressing, I saw the potential to make it office appropriate with a cardigan. This outfit has a lot of color for me. Since I tend to rely on at least one neutral, this was definitely a stretch out of my comfort zone.

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Pretty Pink Skirt

10 Jul

For a super laid-back Sunday that included some neighborhood strolling and babysitting, I decided on one my favorite pieces: a pink skirt, I think from 2004, from the Tara Jarmon collection for Target. I bought this skirt when I was a very broke college student/PR intern and I’ve loved the way it has always fit me well throughout the years.

Funny story about this skirt: during a very unfortunate laundry experience, this skirt was accidentally thrown into the dryer and shrunk! I seem to feel a very strong connection to this skirt, because I totally panicked! My poor husband searched high and low all over the Internet trying to find the same skirt or another that could replace it. He even considered buying a real (read: not Target cheap chic) Tara Jarmon skirt. It was all very sweet of him. He even set up eBay alerts – just because he’s smart and tech-savvy like that, and really cared about me and my little Target skirt. He really is just wonderful :)

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