Hi Again

3 Jan

And Happy New Year! There’s something about the start of a brand new calendar year that makes things seem a little brighter, more optimistic and kind of clean slate-ish. Yes, yes, there’s the post-holiday blues, but overall, it’s a fresh start to make your mark on 2012.

So obviously, my little blog has been sad and neglected lately. (My last post was three major holidays ago?? Yikes!) But I’m excited and (mostly) ready to get back at it.

But with some changes. First, I’m going to be less of a fussy perfectionist when it comes to my posts. Not every post will be super awesome fabulous, but they will offer something creative/fun/interesting I’d like to communicate. And that I hope you will like too!

Second, outfit posts….um, yeah. My photographer husband and I haven’t really gotten into a scheduling grove so I haven’t been taking outfit photos. I might do some on weekends or if I’m not totally disheveled by the day’s end, in evenings. But Instragrams in the mirror or snapshots of a notable piece will now be ok with me. I know it’s less interesting, but I’m going back to my first point – I need a creative outlet even if it’s not always perfect : )

And third, I’m allowing myself shorter posts for when I just have something to say. I promise I will not be one of those bloggers who just chatters endlessly without purpose (though there’s nothing wrong if that’s your thing). But sometimes it will be fun to talk about topics related to clothes and baking, not just what I wear and what I bake.

And so with that, something fun to get started. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to wear a necklace every day. Super easy, fun and totally doable! And now it’s your turn – what will you be starting new this year? How will you be making 2012 a great year?

2 Responses to “Hi Again”

  1. Dad January 4, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    Sounds like a great way to start a New Year. Let our days be bright and cheery.


  1. Dressing Up Jeans « Ruffly and Sweet - January 10, 2012

    [...] 3. Throw on a necklace. Especially a bigger, statement necklace that can break up a simple t-shirt or sweater. In fact, I almost have an easier time wearing necklaces with my more basic shirts than I do some of my dressier shirts. I think it brings some visual interest and draws in a statement piece that isn’t necessarily an article of clothing but pulls an outfit together nonetheless. Plus, for me, it fulfills my New Year’s Resolution. [...]

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