Influence Dress

3 Aug

Named Influence Dress because it’s one of the items I was looking at when I decided to name my blog. It turns out, I have any number of things that are pink with a ruffle. Not that anyone would know, because I haven’t been wearing them until recently.

It’s been a busy week and I got home late on Tuesday. But this dress felt essential for me to document. I lazily took a photo in my full length mirror. I felt tired and it looked like it was going to pour buckets of rain from the sky. After my morning washout a few weeks back, it just didn’t seem worth the risk.

Plus, I had a new recipe and fancy new ingredient I wanted to try out. Stormy weeknights are perfect for baking…unless the power goes out, which actually crossed my mind (Backup Plan: Wine). But since I was fortunate to have power I worked quickly to whip up a sweet treat AND had a glass of wine. Stay tuned….

Also of note – one of my Facebook friends linked to this blog post about picking your battles yesterday morning and I cannot. stop. laughing. Maybe it’s just a weird sense of humor, but it’s rare that anything written makes me literally laugh out loud.

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